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Sep 6, 2019

We're back from a long summer with authors Laura McHugh, Reece Hirsch and a trio of authors from the new imprint Agora Books from Polis.

All music used by permission under the creative commons license. Music in this episode includes:

It's All Happening by Huma-Huma

Reckoning by Podington Bear

Uptown by Podington Bear

Aug 1, 2019

We have 9 authors here to tell you what they've been reading this summer. Some great recommendations but the first place to start is with these nine authors themselves. Join Alison Gaylin, David Bell, Ellen LaCorte, Beau Johnson, David Gordon, Jen Conley, Jennifer Hillier, SC Perkins and Richie Narvaez.

Music this time...

Jul 2, 2019

It's out summer kickoff show and it's SUPERSIZED. Interviews with Owen Laukkanen, Stephanie Gayle, Greg Herren and Carter Wilson. Plus summer book recommendations from the Malmons (and Steve & Eric) plus a listen to some new music from The Brothers Steve.

All music used by permission under the creative commons...

Jun 12, 2019

We're back with two of our favorite writers. Blake Crouch has just released his new novel, Recursion, and it's something really special. And Brian Panowich finally release his follow up to Bull Mountain, Like Lions.

Plus we talk with our own Steve Lauden about his new novelette, That'll Be The Day.

All music used by...

May 28, 2019

This time out we talk with Susanna Calkins, author of Murder Knocks Twice, Harry Hunsicker with his new Arlo Baines thriller, Texas Sicario. And cozy author Sherry Harris is here to school us on why cozies are worthy of respect.

Plus, the Malmons invade the first Wordplay book fest in Minnesota and stalk Stephen King....