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Authors and Publicists—We really are interested in your crime and mystery books, but we're a small, part-time team with very limited resources. If you send us an email, please be patient. If we do get back to you but aren't able to fit you into the show, it's truly nothing personal. Please send your emails with the subject line: "For Your Consideration."

Publishers—We're always looking for sponsors to help us underwrite the costs of producing and hosting this podcast. We also have champagne wishes and caviar dreams. If you're interested in potentially getting your books and authors in front of rabid crime and mystery readers, please email us with the subject line: "Please Take Our Money."

Bookstores and Conventions—We like to do live events, including our trivia-based Crime Quiz series. But Eric and Steve also know how to moderate a mean panel. If you're interested in having Writer Types at your bookstore or book event, please email us with the subject line: "We'll Send A Private Jet."

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