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May 15, 2017

Guests include Catriona McPherson, Tom Pitts, David Zeltserman, Eddie Muller and Shaun Harris. A short story by Sarah M. Chen from the vaults of Shotgun Honey. And a very special Austin edition of the Unpanel with Mike McCrary, Scott Montgomery and Gabino Iglesias. Music used by permission under the creative commons license. Songs include: Real Swing Shet by Menage Quad Swing 39 by Latche Swing Ground Cayenne by The Good Lawdz Hungaria by Latche Swing I Found a New Baby by Underscore Orkestra The Itis by Polyrhythmics Funk by Podington Bear Not On The Bus by US Army Blues Sail Boat by The Underscore Orkestra Lostfrevr by Ars Sonor 1000 Ways to Die by Dish Pit All Hot Lights by Podington Bear Songe D'Automne by Latche Swing Devil on my Shoulder by The Underscore Orkestra