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Jul 9, 2017

Our biggest episode yet features authors Laura Lippman, Brett Battles, Richard Lange, Sam Wiebe. A short story by Holly West. Our Unpanel with Nik Korpon, Maria Alexander and Keiran Shea. 6 Shot with editor Elyse Dinh-McCrillis Sponsored by the WriteNow! conference in Phoenix, AZ on Aug 12th. All music used by permission of the Creative Commons license. Music on this episode includes: Real Swing Shet by Menage Quad Swing 39 by Latche Swing Songe D’Automne by Latche Swing Ground Cayenne by The Good Lawdz Bonbon by Hicham Chahidi Liam Rides a Pony by Polyrhythmics Run in the Night by The Good Lawdz A lil Something' Something' by the Good Lawdz Evidence Song by The Good Lawdz Menilmontant by Latche Swing Lostfrevr by Ars Sonor Laurens a Bitch by The Willing I'se a Muggin by The Underscore Orchestra Rythme Gitan by Latche Swing